Monday, December 24, 2007

The Last Magyar Class

My last Hungarian class. It was quite sad and also really fun! The woman on the far left is my teacher and I loved her because she let me make not-so-funny jokes in Hungarian. The man standing up is from Germany with his best friend Robert on the farthest right. Danusha and Dorottya, the Polish girls (I really dont know which one is which) were always very serious, but I am going to miss them. The man sitting next to them is Janar from Turkey and the one making a funny face is Enrico from Italy.We all made dishes from our country after reviewing for the exam. It was a great party and we practiced speaking for the final time with each other in Hungarian. The day of the test, only the front row and I showed up.


Vienna was beautiful to say the least. Picture the ideal Christmas town on a postcard and you have Vienna. It was constantly snowing, but not too cold and there were street performers down every alley, generally mimes or masked dancers.

There were many white marble statues in almost every street corner on the buildings. Also, in every square there were tons of Christmas trees being trimmed and pruned. Sometimes, it was a bit difficult to navigate because it was like walking through a forest of pines.

If you go to Vienna, go at night because it was the most beautiful sight. It could never be truly nighttime because the lights lit the entire city. My only complaint would be that there were so many tourists everywhere that it was impossible to find a place to sit inside that wasnt packed with people.