Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well, to say that this was a trip about travelling would be a lie. I went with 5 other girls from my church by car. Ah yes. The total gas price was horrendous. Anyways, I chose to put this on my blog because out of all the experiences that I have been through, this one changed me the most.

The conference itself started May 19th and lasted till the 23rd. From 7 to 10 o' clock I was doing one of three activities: learning about God, worshipping, and eating. I must say that I was really well fed during this trip, both spiritually and carnally. It was amazing how refreshed I felt when I came back to Debrecen. The theme of the conference was servanthood. They spoke of how being a leader means primarily being a servant of God. By the end of the conference, all I desired in my heart, was to glorify God in everything I did. This is still my goal, but it is much harder when I'm not delving in the word 24/7.

I also got to experience some great fellowship with the women in my church. They were all so friendly to me, even though there was an age gap of about 10 years. They shared with me much of their wisdom and life experiences. More than anything else, it was encouraging.

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